Legal and Tax Information

Basic legal and tax information in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Minimum Driving Age is 16 years old.

Contact the State Police Barracks at Route 22 and Airport Road or the AAA for information.

Minimum Drinking Age is 21.

  • The sale of wine and spirits is controlled by the Commonwealth, governed by the Liquor Control Board and considered a controlled substance.
  • Wine and spirits are sold only at State Stores, also called Wine & Spirits Shops.
  • Wine & Spirits Shops open at 9:00 am. The hours of operation vary depending on the location of the store and its size. Specialty stores are open Sunday's from noon to 5:00pm in addition to their weekday schedule. Stores are closed for legal holidays.
  • Beer is sold at dedicated beer and beverage distributors and select grocery stores.

Sales Tax

PA Sales Tax is 6%. There is no tax on clothing or food.

PA Income Tax is a flat 3.07%

Local Income Tax is a flat ~1%

Real Estate Tax

Real Estate is taxed on a property's Assessed Value. There are 3 real estate tax bills:

  • School District Real Estate Tax
  • Municipal Real Estate Tax
  • County Real Estate Tax

Other Taxes

Other taxes that might be levied, depending upon your municipality, county and occupation:

  • School District Per Capita Tax
  • Occupational Privilege Tax
  • Business Privilege Tax